eRIM Steering Committee Member List
Last Name First Name Agency Address City State Zip Phone # Email Address
Bergeron Cheri Office of Public Instruction PO Box 202501 Helena MT 59620-2501 406-444-2082 [email protected]
Borsberry Patti Secretary of State PO Box 202805 Helena MT 59620-2805 406-444-9000 [email protected]
Bousliman Mike MDT-Information Technology Services Div PO Box 201001 Helena MT 59620-2001 406-444-6159 [email protected]
Broesder Sandra Pondera County-Information Technology 20 4th Ave SW  Conrad MT 59425-2340 406-271-4010 [email protected]
Carlson Amy Governor's Office-OBPP PO Box 200802 Helena MT 59620-0802 406-444-4893 [email protected]
Chappuis John DPHHS-Director's Office  PO Box 4210 Helena MT 59604 406-444-4084 [email protected]
Clark Dick DOA-Information Technology Svcs PO Box 200113 Helena MT 59620-0113 406-444-2777 [email protected]
Currie Jim MDT-Director's Office PO Box 201001 Helena MT 59620-1001 406-444-6201 [email protected]
Foley Jodie MT Historical Society PO Box 201201 Helena MT 59620-1201 406-444-7482 [email protected]
Fox Susan Legislative Services Division PO Box 201706 Helena MT 59620-1706 406-444-3066 [email protected]
Gianoulias Bill DOA-Risk Management/Tort Def Div PO Box 200124 Helena MT 59620-0124 406-444-2438 [email protected]
Hunthausen Tori Legislative Audit Division PO Box 201705 Helena MT 59620-1705 406-444-3122 [email protected]
Ingraham Pat  MT House of Representatives PO Box 1151 Thompson Falls MT 59873-1151 406-827-4652 [email protected]
Johnson Brad Secretary of State PO Box 202801 Helena MT 59620-2801 406-444-2034 [email protected]
Kruckenberg Molly MT Historical Society PO Box 201201 Helena MT 59620-1201 406-444-4787 [email protected]
Lamson Laurie DPHHS-Business & Finance Svcs Div PO Box 4210 Helena MT 59604 406-444-9407 [email protected]
Laslovich Jesse MT Senate 112 Mountain View Anaconda MT 59711 406-560-0359  [email protected]
Meadows Judy Judicial-Law Library PO Box 203004 Helena MT 59620-3004 406-444-3660 [email protected]
Menzies Lois Judicial-Court Administrators Office PO Box 203005 Helena MT 59620-3005 406-841-2957 [email protected]
Olson Sheryl Department of Administration PO Box 200101 Helena MT 59620-0101 406-444-3307 [email protected]
Staffeldt Darlene MT State Library PO Box 201800 Helena MT 59620-1800 406-443-3115 [email protected]
Tweeten Chris Justice-Attorney General's Office PO Box 201401 Helena MT 59620-1401 406-444-2026 [email protected]
Wood Sheryl MT Association of Counties 2715 Skyway Dr Helena MT 59601 406-444-4393 [email protected]
Cochrane Mike DOA-ITSD            
Noose Greg Justice - Motor Vehicle Division            
Huyg Monica Legislative Audit Division            
Holm Randy DOA-ITSD