What is SIMS (BE)?

The Secretary of State Information Management System (SIMS) Business Entity (BE) system will allow you to file and maintain all of your business documents online 24/7 from the convenience of your home or office. Save time, money, and get results in minutes instead of weeks.

File Online Assumed Business Names (ABN)
Corporations (Profit, Nonprofit)
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Partnerships (LP, LLP)
Order and download copies online Business Documents
Personalized dashboard Track the status of your document(s)
Track your unfinished business
Receive important business reminders
Monitor your online payments


The following items must be filed by paper:

Associations Cooperative Associations
Agricultural Associations
Cooperative Agricultural Marketing Association
Rural Cooperative Utilities
Rural Cooperative Associations
Water Users Association
Bonds Geophysical Exploration Bonds
Geophysical Exploration Security Agreements
School Textbook Bonds
Pesticide & Grain Merchandising Bonds
Corporation Authorities Regional Water and Wastewater Authority
Cemetery Associations
Mausoleum-Columbarium Authorities
Regional Resource Authorities
Municipal Housing Authorities
County Housing Authorities
Districts Special Districts
Resort Area Districts
Water &/or Sewer Districts
Conservation Districts
Conservancy Districts
Grazing Conservation Districts
Financial Institutions Credit Unions
Investment Companies
Trust Companies (except Business Trust
and Fiduciary Trusts may be filed online)
Development Corporations
Building and Loan Associations
Mergers All mergers

Authority is the ability to file documents on behalf of a company.

Who can have authority?

  • Principals, Officers, Directors, Owners, Managers, Members, etc.
  • Certain Authorized Persons: Registered Agents, Service Companies, etc.

How do I get authority?

The person who forms the company online will be automatically granted Authority. If that user has incorporated the company on behalf of an organization (for example, their employer), that user will then need to grant Authority to the principals of that organization.

What are the types of authority?

Principal Authority: Business owners can grant this type of authority to an officer director, member, manager. The business owner can grant principal authority to an authorized agent.

Authorized Agent Authority: Business owners can grant this type of full authority to a Services Company, Law Firm, and/or Accounting Form.

Registered Agent Authority: Business owners can grant this type of limited authority

For our Corporate Bulk Customers, the SIMS (BE) data incorporated into the extract files and record structures will be different than the files you have previously been receiving.

  • Shareholder and incorporator names and addresses will display as new formations are filed within SIMS (BE).
  • The purpose will display as text and not as a code.
  • MCA statutes will no longer be referenced.
  • The records are variable length.
  • There are new register codes (BE, BN, TM, etc.) and record types (AGENT, PRINCIPAL, etc.).

If there is not a value for a column, the column will be left blank.

Montana Secretary of State – Corey Stapleton
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