Copy Certification Block

The notary block below is the statutorily correct language for a proper Montana COPY CERTIFICATION, formatted according to the traditional custom. You may copy/paste this block onto a document you are creating or onto a separate piece of paper to attach as a loose certificate to a document that does not have a pre-printed notarial block. (See below for additional language that must be included on a loose certificate.)

To copy this block simply highlight the area from “State of Montana” to commission expiration date, hit Ctrl-C, and place your cursor in a document. Then hit Ctrl-V and the block will be pasted into the document. You will be able to edit this signature block to fit your document correctly.

State of Montana

County of __________________

I certify this to be a true and exact copy of the _____________________________

made by me, a notary public, on __________________________, 20__________.

Notary Signature

Affix seal/stamp as close to signature as possible.

Additional language that must be included with the notarial block below if it is to be printed on a separate piece of paper and attached to the document (a “loose certificate”):

[Printable Avery version of six per page (requires the larger 3-1/3 in. x 4 in. labels, Avery 8464]

This Notarial Certificate is to be attached to, and associated with, only the following document:

Type of Document:_________________________________________

Date of Document:_________________________________________

If property is being sold or ownership is being transferred on the basis of this document, the description of the property is: (Include legal description, property address, or vehicle identification number, make and model, etc.):




Montana Secretary of State – Corey Stapleton