Are You

To Vote?
Montana’s General Election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Visit these resources to make sure you are vote ready!
Dear fellow Montanans,

As a citizen of the United States and the great state of Montana, one of the most important duties you can perform is exercising your right to vote. Montanans and Americans can determine the future of our state and country by recognizing the importance of voting. It’s a great responsibility, but it’s one that gives every eligible voter a voice.

Every vote counts. Last November’s ballot saw initiatives and legislators determined by only a few hundred votes – with some winning by less than 100. Your local school, municipal, or local office election could be decided by your vote.

One of the most important components of voting is studying the ballot before visiting the polling place. Learn about the candidates and issues, vote for those that represent your own ideas and beliefs. By taking part in our electoral process, we choose the leaders of tomorrow and put our state and country on a path for the future.

Respect your right to vote. Participating in free and fair elections is a privilege not offered in many other countries. So be responsible, be informed and be the voice your vote allows you to be.

Christi Jacobsen
Montana Secretary of State

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