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File Online

Quickly form a new business by logging in with ePass or create an ePass account, then select a new business application in the forms list at

File Your Annual Report

We are no longer accepting paper Annual Report Filings

To file your annual report click here. You may need to log in with ePass if changes are required.

Obtain Business Certificates

  1. Access our online portal here
  2. Search for and select your business name
  3. Click Request Information and follow the steps
  4. Submit payment
  5. Download your certificate

Obtain Business Documents

  1. Access our online portal here
  2. Search for and select your business name
  3. Click Request Information and follow the steps
  4. Submit payment
  5. Download your documents

Obtain Business Principal Extract Report

This will return all principals related to a specific business

  1. Access our online portal here
  2. Search for and select your business name
  3. Click Request Information and follow the steps
  4. Submit payment
  5. Download your report

Obtain Principal Search Report

This will return specific principals associated to any business

  1. Access our online portal here
  2. Click on Forms
  3. Click on the Request Business Information tab
  4. Select Principal Search
  5. Enter the required principal information
  6. Submit payment
  7. Download your report

To search for a business

  1. Click the “Business Name Search” link on the Business Services home page.
  2. Enter the business name or Business Identification Number, click search. NOTE: You may select a specific entity type from the advanced search features.

Register Definitions

Business: Displays corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, assumed business names, foreign names, reserved names.

Trademarks: Displays trademarks and service marks.

CRA: Displays commercial registered agents and noncommercial registered agents.

Search Tips

  • Enter the exact spelling of the business name.
  • The following search rules are applied to the search:
    • The words “the”, “an”, and “a” at the beginning of the name are ignored.
    • Spaces are ignored.
    • Special characters are ignored.
    • @ % & are converted into their normalized word.
    • Upper and lower case is ignored.
    • Business identifiers (e.g., corporation, incorporated, company, etc., or their abbreviation) are accounted for.
    • Numbers are converted to the spelling of the number.
    • Starts with logic is used
  • If “no results” are returned, try entering variations of the business name.

Click here to search for all noncommercial and commercial registered agents.  Registered agent search options can be accessed under the advanced search feature.

Click here to log in to ePass and to start creating your new business.

Subscription Services

A subscription service provides access to information with automatic payment deduction from your payment account.

Trademark Copies:
A monthly download of trademark images on file with our office.

Active New Business Entity Report:
A monthly report of all new businesses registered from the previous month.

Homeowner & Condo Association Report:
A report of all homeowner and condo associations registered with our office.

Nonprofit Corporation Report:
A report of all domestic and foreign nonprofit corporations registered with our office.

UCC Bulk:
A data export of all UCC filings registered with our office with image extracts.  Include a full bulk download and daily exports.

Corporate Bulk:
A data export for various criteria for all of our business information registered with our office.

  1. Go to our website –
  2. Select Epass Login (the Gold Button in the top right corner) – then click “Log in with EPass Montana” (LEFT). If you need to make an EPass, click “Create an Account” on the right-hand side.
  3. Once you log in with EPass, you will be signed into the online portal where you will “search” for the business name
  4. In search results, click on the business name to open the record
  5. You will need to file each missing annual report. Click file annual report, follow steps, and complete payment for each year.
  6. After delinquent through current annual reports have been filed, click search on the left-hand menu, and you will be returned to the business record.
  7. Once all outstanding annual reports are filed, click on Filing Actions to find, and file the Reinstatement.
    • To reinstate you may need to obtain a Title 15 Reinstatement Certificate from the Department of Revenue. *See Documents page of reinstatement application.
      • The phone number for the Department of Revenue is (406) 444-6900, visit their website (apply for tax certificate) or email [email protected]
      • After you received the Title 15 Reinstatement Certificate, you will need to submit it with the reinstatement application.
  8. Pay with credit/debit card, or e-check when you submit your filings.
    • Reinstatement is $35 for a Domestic LLC, Reinstatement is $30 for a domestic Profit Corporation, Reinstatement of a Domestic nonprofit corporation is $10
    • Delinquent reports are $35, current year annual reports are $20 if filed before April 15th
    • If you sent in check and paperwork, it will be returned in the mail.

Thank you for reaching out to our office regarding reinstatement filings.  If you would like further assistance filing, or have questions, please call the Business Service Division specialists at (406) 444-3665 or reply to this email.

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