Term Limits

Background on Term Limits in Montana:

In 1992, Montanans passed a constitutional initiative (CI-64) establishing limits on how long statewide elected executive officers, state legislators, and members of Congress* can hold office.

 *In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down term limits on congressional terms, saying that states do not have the constitutional authority to regulate the tenure of federal legislators.

The effect of CI-64 was to prohibit the following public officials from seeking re-election if they have already held the office for 8 years in any 16-year period:

GovernorAttorney General
Lieutenant GovernorSuperintendent of Public Instruction
Secretary of StateState Representative
State AuditorState Senator
  • Please note that pursuant to passage of Senate Bill 311 in 2011 and based on the 2012 Attorney General opinion at 54-4, “a candidate may file for office if, at the time the candidate begins to serve in that office, he or she will have had an 8-year break in service over a 16-year period of time.”
  • For example, an individual who served from 1999 to 2007 would no longer be prohibited by term limits from filing for the same office in 2014, since as of the time the individual begins to serve in 2015, there will have been a 8-year break in service (from January 2007- January 2015).

An official can be re-elected by write-in vote, even after serving 8 years in a 16-year period.

Executive Branch

Certain top elected executive officials were elected in 2012, and were re-elected in 2016, so they will reach their term limit in 2020:

The following top elected executive officials were elected in 2016 and if re-elected in 2020 will be term limited in 2024:

Public Service Commission

Pursuant to 69-1-105, MCA, Public Service Commissioners are also subject to term limits:

Two Commissioners were elected in 2012, and were re-elected in 2016, so each will reach his term limit in 2020:

One Commissioner was elected in 2014, and if re-elected in 2018, will reach his term limit in 2022:

One Commissioner was elected in 2016, and if re-elected in 2020, will reach his term limit in 2024:

One Commissioner was elected in 2018 and will reach his term limit in 2026:

State Senate

2019 members of the state Senate, who are elected for four-year terms, will be term-limited from this body according to the following schedule:

1Mike Cuffe2026
2Dee L. Brown2020
3Keith Regier2024
4Mark W. Blasdel2022
5Bob Keenan2022
6Albert Olszewski2024
7Jennifer Fielder2020
8Susan A. Webber2026
9Bruce (Butch) Gillespie2026
10Steve Fitzpatrick2024
11Tom Jacobson2026
12Carlie Boland2026
13Brian Hoven2022
14Russel E. Tempel2026
15Ryan Osmundson2024
16Frank Smith2024
17Mike Lang2024
18Steve Hinebauch2024
19Kenneth Bogner2026
20Duane Ankney2022
21Jason Small2024
22Douglas Kary2022
23Roger Webb2020
24Mary McNally2022
25Jen Gross2024
26Margaret  MacDonald2024
27Cary L. Smith2022
28Tom Richmond2024
29David Howard2022
30John Esp2026
31Mike Phillips2020
32Pat Flowers2026
33Jennifer Pomnichowski2022
34Gordon Vance2022
35Scott Sales2020
36Jeffrey Welborn2024
37Jon Sesso2020
38Edie McClafferty2024
39Gene Vuckovich2020
40Terry Gauthier2024
41Janet Ellis2026
42Jill Cohenour2022
43Jason W. Ellsworth2026
44Fred Thomas2020
45Dick Barrett2020
46Sue Malek2020
47Daniel Salomon2024
48Nate McConnell2026
49Diane Sands2022
50Bryce Bennett2026

State House of Representatives

2019 members of the state House of Representatives, who are elected for two-year terms, will be term-limited from this body according to the following schedule:

1Steve Gunderson2024
2Neil A. Duram2026
3Zac Perry2022
4Matt Regier2024
5Dave Fern2024
6Carl Glimm2020
7Frank Garner2022
8John Fuller2026
9David Dunn2026
10Mark Noland2022
11Derek Skees2022
12Gerg Hertz2020
13Bob Brown2022
14Denley M. Loge2024
15Marvin R. Weatherwax Jr.2026
16Tyson T. Runningwolf2026
17Ross H. Fitzgerald2024
18Llew Jones2026
19Wendy McKamey2022
20Fred Anderson2024
21Ed Buttrey2026
22Lola Sheldon-Galloway2024
23Brad Hamlett2024
24Barbara Bessette2026
25Jasmine Krotkov2026
26Casey Schreiner2020
27Joshua J. Kassmier2026
28Jacob D. Bachmier2024
29Dan Bartel2024
30E. Wylie Galt2022
31Bridget Smith2020
32Jonathan Windy Boy2024
33Casey Knudson2024
34Rhonda Knudson2026
35Joel G. Krautter2026
36Alan Doane2020
37Frederick (Eric) Moore2026
38Kenneth Holmlund2022
39Geraldine Custer2022
40Barry Usher2024
41Rae Peppers2020
42Sharon Stewart Peregoy2024
43Peggy Webb2024
44Dale Mortensen2022
45Daniel Zolnikov2020
46Bill Mercer2026
47Kathy Kelker2022
48Jessica L. Karjala2022
49Emma Kerr-Carpenter2026
50Jade Bahr2026
51Frank Fleming2026
52Rodney Garcia2026
53Dennis Lenz2022
54Terry Moore2026
55Vince Ricci2022
56Sue Vinton2024
57Forrest J. Mandeville2022
58Seth Berglee2022
59Alan Redfield2020
60Laurie Bishop2024
61Jim Hamilton2024
62Tom Woods2020
63Zach Brown2022
64Kerry E. White2020
65Christopher Pope2026
66Denise Hayman2022
67Tom Burnett2020
68Bruce Grubbs2024
69Walt Sales2024
70Julie Dooling2026
71Ray L. Shaw2020
72Tom Welch2024
73Jim Keane2024
74Derek J. Harvey2026
75Greg Devries2026
76Ryan Lynch2020
77Mark Sweeney2026
78Gordon Pierson Jr.2020
79Robert Farris-Olsen2026
80Becky Beard2024
81Mary M. Caferro2026
82Moffie Funk2022
83Kim Abbott2024
84Mary Ann Dunwell2022
85Theresa Manzella2022
86David Bedey2026
87Nancy Ballance2020
88Sharon Greef2026
89Katie Sullivan2026
90Marilyn Marler2026
91Connie Keogh2026
92Mike Hopkins2024
93Joe Read2026
94Kimberly P. Dudik2020
95Shane A. Morigeau2024
96Thomas Winter2026
97Bradley E. Tschida2022
98Willis Curdy2022
99Marilyn Ryan2024
100Andrea Olsen2022
Montana Secretary of State – Corey Stapleton
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