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Montana Fair Elections Center

Every Montanan has a right to an elections process that is open, honest, fair, and accurate.

Montanans expect that any eligible citizen in the state who wants to vote should be able to vote.  They also expect that the signature gathering process for initiatives and referendums be conducted in accordance with Montana law.

Citizens and voters play a critical role in maintaining a fair election process for all Montanans.

If you witness any suspicious activity that affects elections or ballot issue signature gathering anywhere in Montana, please report it directly to our office as soon as possible by clicking the button to the right and filling out the associated form.

Together, we can make sure Montana continues to have the best run and most secure elections process in America!

How to Report Potential Election Law Violation

The following methods are available for reporting a potential election law violation:
  • Contact a member of the SOS elections staff at (406) 444-9608.
  • Fill out and complete a report of the activity you witnessed using the prescribed form below and submit it to the Secretary of State’s Office using one of the following contact methods.
    • Mail To:
      Secretary of State
      Fair Elections Center
      P.O. Box 202801
      Helena, Montana 59620-2801 OR
    • Fax: (406) 444-2023 OR
    • Email[email protected] 

This completed report will allow the Montana Secretary of State to create a record of possible election violations, so that the office may document allegations and refer any questionable actions to the appropriate County Attorney, County Election Administrator, or to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

Please note that while the Montana Secretary of State does not have the legal authority to investigate or prosecute suspected voter fraud, the office may share the information provided in this form with local law enforcement in the county where the alleged violation occurred or with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

You may be contacted to provide additional information about the alleged incident. If this complaint involves signature gathering for a ballot issue, the sponsor of the ballot issue in question may be sent a copy of this complaint.