1. Visit the Montana Business Search Page
  2. Enter the business name in the Search Box, then click the Blue Search Button
  3. Then CLICK the “Export as PDF” Button, this will “open” or “download” the PDF
  4. One you have the PDF open please see screenshot below to view the status of your entity
Lien Filings
UCC, EFS, Title 71 liens, forms, login, search and file.
To Register or Amend a business, you need to login to ePass. If you don’t have an ePass you can create one.
All LLCs and Corporations must file an annual report each year. Late fees apply after April 15th.
Register a business, reserve a business name or register a trademark.
Renew, Amend, Cancel a BUSINESS
Amend or cancel your existing business or trademark.
Business Services Testimonial

Pam helped me today on the phone and was extremely helpful with my inc papers…I want to reach out and personally let you know how friendly and helpful she was and to tell you how glad I am that she was the one that helped me…shout out to Pam B!!!

Business Services Testimonial

A customer was overheard telling Lindsey, “you are very helpful, and they are lucky to have you here.”

Business Services Testimonial

Colleen was helping a gentleman at the front desk.  He was so thrilled with how much she helped him, he literally jumped up out of his chair to leave and yelled, “YOU’RE JUST A GEM!

Business Services Testimonial

Wow Gabi! “Gabi helped me out so much….we lost our documents, and could not find them. Gabi was able to find the documents, which saved me and the company a huge headache. She did it all with a smile and was so helpful” ~ Melvin Schuldt

Business Services Testimonial

I want to complement you on Roberta. I am disabled & she did an awesome job helping me through the process. I give her a 6 on a scale of 1-5. She did superlatively. I was on the verge of tears when she picked up the phone. She helped me immensely.

Business Services Testimonial

Needless to say without computer skills I was sweating getting this handled by the 15th. I want you to know just how courteous and professional Mark was. It is great to know we have public servants who are looking after our backs. Again, Mark Carpenter is to be commended, and a real plus for your office! ~ C. Rose

EZ as 1, 2, 3…
Search, Click, Pay

90% of our businesses filing annual reports make no changes to their information. Montana SOS allows these filings with no changes to previous information to simply search their business, click to enter an expedited portal and pay without having to log in.


Search for and select your business name or folder number.


Click File My Annual Report to review your current business information on file.


If there are no changes, you will go directly to the payment screen without logging in.


Welcome to the Montana Secretary of State’s Business Services Division

Search Your Business Entity Name
Click box above to Search for your business entity

Are you a business owner registered with Montana Secretary of State? Then these are important dates you need to remember.

If you have any questions, please call the Business Services office at (406) 444-3665.


All LLCs and Corporations must file an annual report each year.  Late fees apply after April 15th.


All LLCs and Corporations who have not filed an annual report will receive Involuntary Dissolution / Revocation Intent Notices.


All Foreign LLCs and Corporations who have not filed an annual report will be Revoked.


All Domestic LLCs and Corporations who have not filed an annual report will be Involuntarily Dissolved.

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