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Ballot Issue Overview, Forms and Guidelines

It is the responsibility of ballot issue sponsors to ensure that all applicable laws are followed, including laws governing signature gathering activities and any deadline requirements. In addition to the information here, each ballot issue sponsor should review Title 13, Chapter 27, MCA, in its entirety.

The Legislature may pass bills in order to:

  • Refer a proposed law to the voters through a legislative referendum, or
  • Send a proposed constitutional amendment to the voters.
Anyone planning to propose a ballot issue should contact the Commissioner of Political Practices to get information on the financial reporting requirements.
Any individual or group may petition to:

A member of the public proposing a ballot issue must follow certain steps:

Making a Case:
  1. The sponsor of the ballot issue will be asked to prepare an argument in support of the issue for use in the official state Voter Information Pamphlet, published by the Secretary of State. Certain elected officials will choose individuals to prepare an argument against the issue, and then each side will have the opportunity to provide a rebuttal. Argument and rebuttal factual statements must be supported by documents filed with the Secretary of State within 2 business days of the date on which the arguments and rebuttals are required to be filed.
  2. If the ballot issue passes, it becomes part of state law or the state constitution.

Past Ballot Issues:

If you have questions about ballot issues, contact Elections and Government Services at (406) 444-9608, email [email protected], or call the Secretary of State’s toll-free voter hotline at 1-888-884-VOTE (8683).