Filing Deadlines

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All material to be published must be submitted by the state agency no later than 12:00 noon on the scheduled filing date. Material submitted after this deadline will not be published until the next publication date. Proposal notices need a MAR notice number and adoptions need an Administrative Order.

2020 Register Publication Schedule

IssueFiling (due by noon)Publication
1January 7January 17
2January 21January 31
3February 4February 14
4February 18February 28
5March 3March 13
6March 17March 27
7April 7April 17
8April 21April 30
9May 5May 15
10May 19May 29
11June 2June 12
12June 16June 26
13June 30July 10
14July 14July 24
15July 28August 7
16August 18August 28
17September 1September 11
18September 15September 25
19September 29October 9
20October 13October 23
21October 27November 6
22November 10November 20
23December 1December 11
24December 15December 24
Montana Secretary of State – Corey Stapleton
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