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Secretary Christi Jacobsen shares Montana’s new business registrations in October 2023

HELENA, Mont. — Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen shared the number of new business registrations filed with the state in October 2023. According to the Montana Business Economic Report, nearly 4,800 new businesses were registered with the state during the month of October.

For comparison, roughly 4,300 new businesses registered in October 2022.

Through October, roughly 50,000 new business registrations have been filed with the state. In 2022, Montana had record business growth with more than 53,000 new businesses registering with the Secretary of State’s Office.

“Our office is honored to provide excellent customer service as businesses begin their journey by registering with our office,” said Secretary Jacobsen. “We’re proud to have made it easier for them to do business by providing 24/7 access to registration and business documents, while also cutting registration fees in half for Montana businesses. I was also proud to announce our plan to waive 2024 Annual Report filing fees for all Montana businesses.

“Thank you for doing business in Montana.”

Secretary Jacobsen was honored in 2023 by the Mountain States Policy Center (MSPC) for making it easier to do business in Montana. MSPC presented Secretary Jacobsen with the “Elevation Award” which is “given to individual(s) who are committed to advancing and elevating free market principles and ideas. It is presented to a top innovator, business leader, or elected official in Idaho, Montana, and Washington.”