SOS Scam Alerts

Around the country, scams are occurring which target businesses that are registered with Secretary of State offices.

Currently, we are seeing this happen in Connecticut, Michigan, and Washington; however, these scam letters and emails can be sent anytime, anywhere throughout the country.

If you receive mail or an email that claims to be an official state notice demanding payment, please know it is not legitimate unless it comes directly from the Montana Secretary of State’s office or your commercial or non-commercial registered agent. If someone is demanding money from you for an annual report, renewal of registration, or license, be sure to look at the entity that sent the correspondence. If it is from anyone other than with whom you have a registration or license, you should double check with that agency.

The only place in Montana to file your business’s annual report or a renewal for your business is with our office and by online filing through the Secretary of State’s portal at If you are sent anything in the mail that is not from the Secretary of State’s Office or receive an email that does not list the Secretary of State’s website link or is not from an address, please report it to the Department of Justice – Office of Consumer Protection.

Thank you.

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