Montana Secretary of State
Secretary of State’s ELECTIONS DIVISION

Finishes third stop of statewide training.

Election officials training for new election management system.

KALISPELL, Mont. — Montana’s election officials continued training on the state’s future election management system, electMT, this week, with election administrators and workers gathering in Kalispell for a three-day session.

It was the third of five statewide training sessions the Montana Secretary of State’s Election Division is conducting.

The Elections Division showcased the new system’s features and updates, which replace an outdated system with the more modern, secure electMT system.

“I am so excited about this, I just want to use it now,” exclaimed one election official. “(This) is much more user-friendly than MT Votes.”

“Can we use this for the election coming up in November?” joked another. “This is going to be so much easier than MT Votes.”

This week’s training session was led by the Secretary of State Office’s Elections and Voter Services Manager Stuart Fuller; Elections Specialists Kyler Baker and Conner Gagnon; and Business Analyst Lisa Schlosser.

“I was very impressed with everyone from SOS and their knowledge of the ElectMT product,” said another election administrator. “I’m really excited to start using ElectMT instead of Montana Votes but I know I have to be patient.”

The Elections Division will continue its election management system trainings in Great Falls next week, with a stop in Missoula at the end of September.

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