Notary Forms

Basic Forms
1 Application for Notary Appointment – New Notary and Renewals $25
2 Notary Information Update
Name, Address, E-mail, eNotarization, Employment, etc. changes
No charge
3 Replacement Notary Certificate – Black and White No charge
4 Replacement Notary Certificate – Color with Foil Seal $10
5 Notary Complaint No charge
6 Request for Apostilles or Authentications $10 per document
7 Certification of School Records Free
Printable Notary Blocks
8a Acknowledgement – Single Free
8b Acknowledgement – Multiple Free
8c Jurat – Single Free
8d Jurat – Multiple Free
8e Signature – Single Free
8f Signature – Multiple Free
8g Copy Certification – Single Free
8h Copy Certification – Multiple Free
8i Signature/Acknowledgement – Representative Capacity – Single Free
8j Signature/Acknowledgement – Representative Capacity – Multiple Free
Authorized Signatures
9a. Clerk & Recorders Free
9b. Clerks of Court Free

Montana Secretary of State – Corey Stapleton