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Pair of Secretary Christi Jacobsen’s

Priority bills signed to Montana law

Senate Bill 169 & House Bill 176 signed by Gov. Gianforte.

HELENA, Mont. – Two of the priority bills requested by Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen, Senate Bill 169 (requiring voter ID) and House Bill 176 (a deadline for voter registration), were signed into law by Gov. Greg Gianforte on Monday.

“Montana sets the standard for elections across the country, however, there is always room for improvement, and voter ID and voter registration deadlines are best practices in protecting the integrity of elections,” said Secretary Jacobsen.

Sen. Mike Cuffe (R, SD-1) sponsored SB 169, and echoed Secretary Jacobsen’s views on strengthening Montana’s election process.

“SB 169 could be the most important bill I ever carry in my Legislative career. Election integrity is truly the rock, the cornerstone of our nation, and voter ID is a key component in protecting the integrity of Montana elections,” said Sen. Cuffe.

HB 176 changes late registration to noon the day before an election, which will improve the voting process on Election Day.

Rep. Sharon Greef (R, HD-88) sponsored the bill.

“Let’s be the ones today who say, ‘Election officials, we just made your job a little bit easier on Election Day,” said Rep. Greef. “And fellow Montanans, we just shortened the lines at your polling place.”

Rep. Sharon Greef (left), Gov. Greg Gianforte (center) and Secretary Christi Jacobsen (right) following the signing of House Bill 176.
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