State Records Committee

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In 1977, the Montana Legislature recognized the importance of preserving and properly disposing of public records. That year, it created a State Records Committee and assigned it the task of monitoring record retention and disposal. No public record may be disposed of without the approval of the committee.  If you have questions please email us at [email protected] or call 406-444-9009.

Members of the State Records Committee are:

  • Yvette Englert, Department of Administration
  • Deborah Butler, Legislative Audit Division
  • Rich Aarstad, Montana Historical Society – State Archives
  • Laray Jenks, Department of Justice
  • Andy Ritter, Secretary of State’s Office
  • Anita Milanovich, Governor’s Office
  • Kevin Gilbertson, State CIO’s Office
  • Bowen Greenwood, Clerk of Supreme Court
  • Lucas Hamilton, Public Service Commission
  • Jill Hamilton, Department of Revenue
  • Molly Plummer, Office of the State Auditor
  • Jacob Griffith, Office of Public Instruction
  • Tracy Cuddy, Department of Transportation

The committee meets at least quarterly. To submit a request for disposal, complete Disposal Request Form RM 5 and email the signed form to: [email protected]

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