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Secretary Christi Jacobsen announces winners of 2023 U.S. Constitution Contest

HELENA, Mont. ‚ÄĒ Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen is pleased to announce the¬†winners of the 2023 Secretary of State’s U.S. Constitution Contest. Students from across Montana participated in this year’s contest, which was titled ‚ÄúWhat Promises of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution Mean the Most to Me and Why?‚ÄĚ.

Ennis High School senior¬†Seeley Driskill garnered first-place honors¬†in the high school contest. Driskill’s essay, Security, detailed numerous promises in the Preamble and how they applied to the life of a high school senior.

“Despite the fact the Preamble was written hundreds of years before I ever existed, I find it fascinating that it still has such an impact on me, my friends, and my family to this day,” Driskill wrote.

Driskill’s classmate,¬†Bailey Fouraker, earned a runner-up nod for the essay, Living Water. Last year’s Constitution Contest winner¬†Michael Faccenda¬†of Great Falls Central Catholic was named the third-place recipient for his essay.

Alexandra Abbott (Jefferson High School), Cheyanne Dinneen (Alberton High School), and Elizabeth Olson (Ennis High School) were also honored for their work in the contest.

“These high school students did an outstanding job capturing the meaning of the various promises in the Preamble,” said Secretary Jacobsen. “I was impressed and moved when reading their experiences and ties to this significant document.”

“Congratulations to Seeley Driskill and the rest of the high school students on their wonderful work,” Secretary Jacobsen continued.

Target Range School (Missoula) seventh grader¬†Violet Schooler was named the middle school winner for her poem, America Made. Schooler’s poem explained how the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution was created with the future in mind.

“We are the posterity of America. Those great Americans who fought for freedom did it for the sole purpose of providing a better country for¬†us,” Schooler explained.

Her poem continued:

“A shared idea,
A hope, and dream,
To ‘secure the blessings of Liberty’
To protect us, the US posterity.”

Secretary Jacobsen applauded Schooler on her extraordinary poem.

“Violet’s poem was beautifully written and provided an excellent description of what it must have been like during the creation of the Preamble,” said Secretary Jacobsen. “Congratulations Violet, and thank you for submitting such a wonderful poem.”

Stillwater Christian seventh grader¬†Clara Carroll¬†earned second-place honors, while homeschool student¬†Aria Tercekplaced third. Plevna students¬†Leona May¬†and¬†Enma Thielen¬†joined Stillwater Christian’s¬†Madison Broker¬†in also being recognized for their submissions.

All winners will be invited to attend the annual Constitution Day celebration in the State Capitol in September 2024.

“Thank you to every student who participated in this year’s contest,” said Secretary Jacobsen, “and thank you to the teachers and parents for helping educate our students about the Preamble, Constitution, and our government.”