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Filing Register Notices Electronically


To gain initial access:
See your IT staff and find out your “full context.” Email that information to the ARM Bureau and we’ll get you set up

Filing Register Notices Electronically

Click here for instructions on how to access your share folder.

Headers and Footers

Before you file your notices, confirm that you have inserted a header containing the page number and footer(s) containing either the MAR Notice No. for proposal notices or Montana Administrative Register followed by the MAR Notice No. for adoption notices (e.g., Montana Administrative Register 44-2-199).​


From the main tool bar under File

Choose Page Setup…

Under the Margins tab:
Top: .5″
Bottom: .5″
Left: 1.5″
Right: .75″

Then click on the Layout tab.

Choose Continuous under Section start.

Then for Headers and Footers select:
Different odd and even.
Header: .3″
Footer: .7″

Use default settings for
Vertical alignment: Top

Use default setting for
Apply to: Whole document


From the main tool bar under Insert Choose Page Numbers

Position: Top of page (Header)

Alignment: Center

Leave the default for Show number on first page checked.

Click OK.
This inserts the page number into a Header in your file. (1 is the default so you don’t have to type in a number.)

From the main tool bar under View choose Header and Footer

Select the number in the Odd Page Header box (this highlights the box the number is in). Add a hyphen to both sides of the number and check that the hyphens and number are formatted in Arial 12-point font. Set the right tab all the way to the margin at the 6.25″ right tab.

To separate the page number from the text, add 2 hard returns to the header box.

If your document is more than one page, click on the Show Next button and repeat the process for the Even Page Header.

Your page numbers must look like this: -1-    -2-

Switch to FOOTER:

In the Odd Page Footer box, type in (using Arial 12-point font) your MAR Notice No. for proposals or Montana Administrative Register followed by the MAR Notice No. for adoption notices. Set the right tab all the way to the margin at 6.25″. Add a hard return above your text line. Then Close.

If your document is more than one page, click on the Show Next button and repeat the process for the Even Page Footer.

This allows ARM staff to put in Register page numbers and footers without having your pagination change. Your text will start on line 1 of the document.

Naming Requirements

When your document files are complete, save and close your files. Before you copy your files to your folder, you must confirm that your files are named correctly. If they are not named properly, the ARM bureau application will not recognize your files and they will not be “picked up” for inclusion in the Register.

Use the appropriate MAR Notice Number and one of the following extensions:

File ExtensionFile TypeExample
pro.docproposal notice44-2-199pro.doc
adp.docadoption notice44-2-131adp.doc
ao.docadministrative order44-2-131ao.doc

Do not add spaces or hyphens or periods after the notice number.

*Files cannot be submitted with an arm.doc extension in the file name.

(Note: If you are filing an adoption notice, there must be an administrative order to accompany it.)

File Name in Administrative Orders

At the bottom of your Administrative Order document, type in the file name. This will allow ARM staff to accurately match the order to the adoption notice.

Notices must be submitted by noon on the filing day or they will not be published in that issue of the Register.

Email Notification

When you file notices, you must send an e-mail listing your submitted files to all members of the ARM Bureau by noon on the filing day. If ARM does not receive an e-mail listing the files, there could be confusion as to which notices from your agency are to be published in that issue of the Register – [email protected].


Retrieving Corrected Files

When the ARM staff makes corrections and/or enters the permanent page numbers to your files, the ARM staff saves the files with the same file name, but with -arm.doc as the extension. After the ARM staff is done with your files, the files are copied back to your folder.

To retrieve these files, go to your folder in the same manner as you would file your documents. Then MOVE (rather than copy) the files out.

To prepare your adoption notice and/or your replacement pages, copy and paste from the arm file ARM staff returns to you, rather than retyping the changed text.

Formatting Register Notices

Please refer to; ARM Title 1, chapter 2; recent issues of the Register; and the ARM Bureau (406-438-6122) for further formatting requirements.