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Local Record Forms and Retention Schedules

The Local Government Records Committee (LGRC), has established records retention schedules for local government units.  If you have questions or comments about the schedules, or procedures or want to request a change to a retention schedule, please contact them:

Local Government Records Committee 
Local Government Services Bureau
P.O. Box 200547
Helena MT 59620-0547
[email protected]

If you are needing to dispose of your records, please fill out the Disposal Form – RM60 (see Instructions and Local Government General Guidance) and email/mail to the subcommittee.

If you are needing to dispose of your records, but do not need permission from the Local Government Records Committee you may use this Disposal Form – RM88 (see Instructions) for internal purposes and be sure to retain for 30 years.

Local Government Retention SchedulesRevision Date
1General (i.e. correspondence)August 2017
7School DistrictAugust 2015
8MunicipalOctober 2023
8aMunicipalJune 2023
29Public WorksJune 2017
30Email Managed Under a Capstone ApproachMay 2017
31Airport Records ScheduleApril 2018
CountyRevision Date
2Clerk and RecorderApril 2017
3ElectionsMay 2019
4TreasurerApril 2017
5Accounting and FinancialJanuary 2021
6Motor-vehicleApril 2017
9Conservation DistrictSeptember 2020
11Appraisal and AssessmentApril 2017
13Coroner/Medical ExaminerNovember 2017
14SheriffNovember 2011
14ASheriff Local Detention Center/Jail1999
179-1-1 PSAPSeptember 2016
18Weed DepartmentSeptember 2016
19County School SuperintendentsOctober 2009
20County MuseumsOctober 2009
21County PlanningApril 2017
23County SanitationApril 2017
24Human ResourcesNovember 2013
27Office of Emergency ManagementOctober 2015
28County FairgroundsApril 2017
CourtRevision Date
10Courts of Limited JurisdictionSeptember 2018
12Clerk of District CourtOctober 2015
16County AttorneyApril 2007
Insurance AuthorityRevision Date
15Insurance AuthorityMay 2014
15AInsurance Authority – ClaimsMay 2014